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of Tuesday, November 15, 2011 – Evaluation of teachers – Cheapest teachers prisons – Schools for a more just society? – Advertising – Evaluation of teachers We talked about since the beginning of the year and recent articles (in the Figaro in particular) seemed to announce that "it was in the pipes" but now it is being confirmed. The teacher evaluation reform project was broadcast Tuesday by a scoop of Pedagogical Cafe and confirmed by the AEF, AFP and several newspapers. In this https://homeworkmarket.me/
project, Luc Chatel and HR Josette Theophile trust for secondary teachers, the assessment task only to principals. We know that high school teachers were previously noted by the inspector and the headteacher. The latter sees, with this reform, its role considerably strengthened. Recall also if it is necessary that it is also one of the proposals of the UMP convention on education last week … The Pedagogical Cafe procured these draft decrees and stopped. The draft decree thus entrusts the headteacher in the secondary and the primary inspector at the assessment interview conducted every three years on the teachers. It particularly focuses on student progress. The skills tested are: "his ability to advance each student’s skills in the discipline or subject areas; professional practice in collective action school or facility in connection with the parents student and partner …; the quality of the working environment so that it is conducive to learning and sharing the values ??of the Republic, including mutual respect and equality among all students. " As the Cafe, the draft decree, in turn, alters the progress grids. Basically, between 2012 and 2015, everyone goes to length (whereas previously there were three "speed"), but the "Accelerated progress is organized by assigning the months of agents reductions seniority. This allowance is adjusted according to the results of the evaluation. "According to our own information, it is expected that all this is officially recorded before Christmas and labor organizations have received or should receive these drafts to respond very quickly. it specifies that the provisions of the draft decree provides that it "shall apply from 1 September 2012 for the start of the evaluation process and January 1, 2015 for professional interviews" and the decree comes into force on 1 September 2012. trade union reactions are already now very vivid and immediate. "this is a declaration of war! teacher evaluation will be done only by principals who have no teaching skills regarding happens in the classroom. It is for us a major disagreement "responded Tuesday Daniel Robin, joint general secretary of the SNES-FSU. in NMS-CFDT, Thierry Cadart, p our which the current system "posed serious difficulties," hopes a "real negotiations" but does not hide his concern that a tight schedule. It is indeed "specific draft texts" that are now "up for discussion," said for his part Josette Theophile, Executive Director of Human Resources (HRD) ministry. "The assessment is the fifth career site Pact, there has been at least three laps, no surprises and upsets no one," she added, citing "a setting implemented from September 2012 ". The School is well become a major campaign issue. And these projects are just confirm. Former HR Director Luc Chatel still want to transform schools in the managerial model he knows. But forgetting that the culture of the public service is much different and does not change by decree. Yesterday we mentioned the need for social dialogue, this announcement of the day once again shows the precipitation and few cases made of it. Moreover, even if the current situation was unsatisfactory, it offered guarantees against authoritarian excesses and arbitrariness. The replacement of two assessment bodies (one administrative and the other educational) by a single omnipotent also the problem of training (and the time available!) School leaders to carry out this mission. And who will evaluate the evaluators? Cheapest teachers that prisons Information The second day, he must go and look in the business press. Les Echos and the Montaigne Institute (think tank rather classified as liberal) have launched a series of articles about programs for encryption 2012. And one of the first proposals studied by the institute is logically that of Francois Hollande to re-create 60,000 posts in Education. And Montaigne institute surprises us because this institute known for its sympathies rather close to the current majority UMP tackle and amounted to 1.9 billion euros in stride the cost of measuring creation of 60 000 jobs, a level lower than the estimate of the PS! For these experts, tradition finance laws adopted by all governments, wants one reasons over a year (cost of early career teachers), integrating all excluding pension contributions contributions . Indeed, they remain as virtual agents do not assert their right to retire. With this method, the Institut Montaigne therefore reaches an average annual cost of 378 million over the five year term and thus 1.9 billion a year at cruising speed, that is to say in 2017 (to 65,000 jobs). There are two weeks, the Minister of Education Luc Chatel had raised a bill of 7.5 billion over the five years. But this "is not customary to think in cumulative expenditures," noted the Montaigne Institute, which also states that "it is quite possible not to replace teachers or other officials retiring to control staff costs, which constitute the first item of expenditure of the state. " The effectiveness of the measure, meanwhile, much depends on the "how" is spent as "how much," said the institute. The creation of 65,000 positions will be effective "if it is accompanied by significant educational measures to help improve student achievement, reduce educational inequalities and outputs without qualification." And the institute to engage in the estimation of other measures and in particular the promise of almost Sarkozy candidate to have 80,000 prison places by 2017, 30 000 new places. The Institut Montaigne believes that the measure would cost 3.69 billion euros, and even incorporates the assumptions of less secure facility (for inmates in parole). Rue89 and thus summarizes well the findings of the study by a simple formula to remember: "The teachers of Holland, cheaper than prisons Sarkozy". For as Victor Hugo said: "Open a school, you close a prison" Schools for a more just society? Last weekend at the invitation of ATD Fourth World, ENS Lyon, some 400 players in the world of education have developed several proposals for disadvantaged students succeed as much as others. L’Humanite reports on these meetings rich by giving the floor to Bruno Tardieu, national delegate of the organization. He starts with an observation: "It was ten years ago, a child laborer was ten times less likely to go to a child tray frame. Today there are fifteen times less … "and according to him, if this situation continues, it is largely due to the inertia of the actors. "I think the different education actors too are camping on their positions, he said, parents returning the blame on teachers and vice versa. But above all, the idea that disadvantaged children are less intelligent than other dies hard. "Eight proposals were made during these days. Let even the floor to Bruno Tardieu "There is the idea of ??creating a space parents in all schools where teachers and families would regularly confront their outlook on learning difficulties. We want to better train teachers in social diversity of students, including the problems related to it. It also seems important that the school can make cultural and collective projects based on cooperation with the neighborhood. Another significant proposal is to banish the spirit of competition among students for the benefit of emulation. This includes developing all pedagogies called "cooperation" where the "stronger" encourages "less" instead of push. All these proposals have yet to be finalized. "Advertising Page" This report card was offered by the Company Trucmuche … ". Will we soon see it in France? Maybe not immediately, but in Colorado, Yes. To complete the difficult months, schools of this American state took the initiative to sell advertising on their report cards. Public schools in Jefferson County hope to win $ 90,000 in three years by advertising Collegeinvest, a savings plan to pay for college. Advertising that says "Something to spare, time is on you" boasts the school reports of 91 county elementary schools that plan’s merits for saving for college. Some 86,000 students from kindergarten to university, studying in the county including school buses already are advertising for local banks while budgetary restrictions severely affect the United States. Good reading… ——————————————— – Liberation.fr of 15/11/11 (some paid items) the American dream french students Since 2007, the "Frenchies" are increasingly likely to attend US campuses. Read more of the article Handicap: The candidates Which projects and programs which allocate resources? The political answer. Read more of the article In Paris, a city school angry A city school of 2000 students on strike since the beginning of the Thanksgiving holiday on November 3, a tough police action against the students forming a human chain five days later a headmaster who eventually put on sick leave … the situation in the city school Honore de Balzac in Paris (XVII), remained blocked yesterday. Teachers continue the strike and the students movement. They feel inadequate rector of gestures – mostly overtime monitoring and the arrival of a nurse in January. And they demand more resources, including fewer pupils. The school district said yesterday addressing the problem of the schedules of students, often infeasible, with courses that overlap. Stopping disease Headmaster, blamed for the chaos, could facilitate a solution. Read more of the article toys, what’s the play? Cons. Pub, TV, friends, catalogs, price: how do children choose their Christmas gifts. In vivo test under the eye of a sociologist. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 15/11/11 the new requirements to become French text of the High Council for integration presented to Claude Gueant explicit law and French customs and imposes obligations on those who want to become French. Read more of the article soon Teachers evaluated by their principals? Two arrested and decree projects intend to entrust the responsibility of teachers to their "immediate supervisor". Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— the Monde.fr (some paid items) of 15/11/11 teachers evaluated soon by the only principals? college professors and high school in the future could only be evaluated by their principal, according to a project of the Ministry of Education, which has leaked Tuesday, November 15. Revealed by the website Cafe educational and posted on the SNES, this draft decree has been described as "totally unacceptable" by SNES-FSU union. Until then, the teaching of a discipline and education were assessed by regional education inspectors (IPR). Read more of the article Luc Chatel did not pace From the art of make believe we advance without moving an inch. The issue of school time is a good example of the method. 18 months that the file is opened and the ministry said this morning, November 15, 2011 that "as he undertook on 4 July 2011, during the presentation of the policy report by the steering committee of the National Conference on school timetables, Luc Chatel will now proceed with the consultation of stakeholders of the school communities are, parents of students, staff of national education and high school organizations. the minister sent a letter to various organizations representative, asking them to give their opinions on the proposals in the report, the changes they could induce and consequences. Returns written are expected for 15 December. following the analysis to be made of all these contributions, meetings will be proposed for a final round of consultations. "Read more of the article ————————- ————– —- Humanity of 15/11/11 How can school help the poorest At the invitation of ATD Fourth World, some 400 players in the world of education have developed, this weekend, several proposals for disadvantaged students succeed as much as others. Analyzing Bruno Tardieu National organization representative. Read more of the article International students do not give more than 500 graduates have even protested against the Gueant circular limiting their ability to work. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien (some paid items) of 15/11/11 college students tell their daily schoolers across the department are consulted by the General Council. A novel approach that must lead to Audience success in college. Read more of the article "should be more dynamic during the" ANTOINE student in 6th To protect nature, Antoine would have policeman later. But the forest can sometimes seem far removed from classrooms. That may be why this schoolboy wants more lively way. "It would change the course to be more dynamic, he proposes. It would have involved teachers better, they are more energizing, we do not spend our time copy. »Read more of the article" People should come and talk about their craft "WENDY Grade 3 She dreams professional footballer and sports physio," because you have a spare tire for the post-career " . But Wendy readily concede it could change plan if we opened her horizons. "I did it to but because that’s what I know best, says the girl. Read more of the article "I finished in 18 hours twice in the week" KENRA 4th student She finds that "shrink is a super nice job" and would listen to patients exhibit their torments on the couch. What bothers Kenra, it is mainly the long hours some days. "If we could rearrange schedules, it would be better, she suggests. I finished in 18 hours twice in the week that started at 8:30 am. "Read more of the article" The canteen, sometimes it’s disgusting "Ouissem student in 4th More section —- ———————————————— France Soir 15/11/11 the state of no new 160,000 students between June and October 2011, the french education system has seen 223,000 students out of the structure without a degree. Of these 160,000 were "lost sight", said Sunday the Minister of Education Luc Chatel. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– the Cross of Nothing seen … 15/11/11 ——————————– —————- echoes (some paid items) of 15/11/11 Nothing seen … Read more of the article from the pub on the report card to complete the school make ends Fastening the difficult months, the US State of Colorado schools (west) took an original initiative: sell advertising on their report cards. Read more of the article Chatel wants to evaluate teachers of secondary school heads in the making since the beginning of the year, the proposed reform of teacher evaluation aired Tuesday. He says, for secondary teachers, this task to the leaders. A small revolution that raises tub. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– 20 minutes from 15/11/11 Nothing seen … ——————————– —————- 15/11/11 Rue89 of Immigration: Interior label creates a good learning french for the first time, the Ministry of the Interior has decided to interfere in the content of a university course, greatly displeases some teachers. Read more of the article The teachers from Holland, cheaper than prisons Sarkozy Reading the financial press sometimes based. In the dance of figures that the various political parties staffs swing without fear of starting anything, Les Echos and the Institut Montaigne (liberal think tank) launch on Monday and six-month programs for encryption 2012. Read more of the article —————————————– ——- West of France 15/11/11 the teachers evaluated the only school leaders? colleges and high schools teachers could, in future, only be evaluated by their principal, according to a project of the Ministry of Education which has leaked on Tuesday and was described as "totally unacceptable" by the union SNES -FSU. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– Le Journal du Dimanche 15/11/11 Nothing seen … —————————— ———- Le Nouvel Observateur Permanent 15/11/11 ————————- Nothing seen … ————— the Express.fr of 15/11/11 Student Success, the Chinese method and Amy Chua This is the kind of woman you love to hate. The style prim who manages everything, all the time, the spice bread macaroon with foie gras in a niche Hummer in a street in San Francisco (uphill). Obviously, for the education of her children, she excels. Amy Chua, 49, self-proclaimed "Tiger mom", a Harvard graduate and professor of law at Yale, is the former. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — the Pedagogical Cafe 15/11/11 evaluation of secondary school teachers entrusted only to principals? She will be scoring UMP proposal of teachers by principals and merit applied before the elections? We publish two papers from the Department of Education, a draft decree and a draft order, we have procured. They suggest that the texts are ready. These texts are in the process led by Josette Theophile, HRD Ministry, since the announcement last year of a reform of the assessment. Read more of the article What we say pedagogies of extreme It’s a little history of our ERS. There are cases in which the face of "savages" any education and where hope seems lost political power speaks only repression and imprisonment. In these cases there are sometimes men or women who invent original educational approaches to reintegrate into the society of the small man who have moved away. They do this in an institutional framework that invest and sometimes subvert. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — Touteduc of 15/11/11 (paid access) happiness at school "well-being at school" is now an international concern, still emerging in France. Two work series are presented at the seminar, one descriptive of the sufferings faced by students and teachers at the school, and other normative offering alternative educational models. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — Mediapart (fee) of 15/11/11 inequalities between States and peoples of the world by Claude Lelievre is the title of the recent book by the sociologist of education Langouet Gabriel, whose subtitle gives tone: "Enough is enough! ". Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — Slate.fr of 15/11/11 Nothing seen … ——————————— 15/11/11 ————- EducPros of autonomy of universities: France still lagging behind in Europe according to a comparative study of the EUA the European university Association (EUA) reveals this November 15, 2011 in Brussels the results of a comparative study on autonomy in universities in Europe. This study, supported by the European Commission, covers 26 countries in four areas: organizational autonomy, financial, human and academic resources. France is misfiled it. Read more of the article School: a leader or leadership to the autonomy of the business? The ticket Bernard Desclaux "The issue of school will certainly be a theme of the presidential campaign, and the autonomy of the institution will be central. Autonomy means, recruitment autonomy, educational autonomy clash, but they are traversed by another question regarding the organizational design of the establishment, "writes Bernard Desclaux on his blog. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————- VousNousIls of 15/11/11 teachers soon evaluated only by heads of secondary schools teachers could, in future, be assessed exclusively by their principal, according to a project of the Ministry of Education which has leaked on Tuesday and was described as "totally unacceptable" by the SNES-FSU union Read more of the article the teachers of the school quoted Balzac (Paris) suspend the strike teachers of the city school Balzac in Paris (17th arrondissement), on strike since Saints re-entry, voted Tuesday to suspend the strike until November 22, always demanding of teaching and additional monitoring. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license. 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